Drasens have dragon blood running in there veins. Most of the time they do not look like dragons but regular humans, aside for a few that have hardened, cracked, and tinted tone to there skin. Some have wirery hair that can form mains.


Ability Mods.
+2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Wis, +4 Chr.


Racial Modifier.
Darkvision 120ft
Low-light Vision
Climb 20ft and 8 Climb skill
Natural Armor +1
Claws 1d4 2 normal attacks
Fearless +2 vs. fear
Lesser Spell Resistance 6

Drasens have a long history of dragon riding. These dragon riders are called Dragon sons. Dragon sons go on long sojourns to find the dragon that they will ride. Before they set out a drasen sorcerers will put him through a ritual that will let him bind to the dragon.

Dragon Binding Ritual (Spell)

Schools- Enchantment(Compulsion)[Mind-Affecting], Conjuration(Creation).
Casting Time- 24 hours
Components- V,S,M (5000gp per HD)
Range- Touch
Target- One other Drasen
Duration- Instant, 1 year, and Permanent
Saving Throw- No

On the journey if a dragon is found within one year and the enchanted gold is offered and excepted then the dragon becomes a bonded mate. After a year and no dragon has excepted the gold turns to iron. A bonded dragon must be with in one step of your alignment. If a dragon does not except the offer he will not attack you as if you have a sanctuary spell protecting you. This spell enables you to take the dragon bonded feat.

Dragon Bonded (Feat)

Gain a dragon cohort

Prerequisites- 5th level and undergone the ritual of Dragon Binding
Benefit- For every 5000gp sacrificed in the ritual that is the max HD of the dragon you can bind.



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